G. Kero


G.Kero is the brand and pseudonym of artist Marguerite Bartherotte, featuring colorful characters that dance on shirts, paintbrushes, and pens that sweep across fabric. After studying art at the La Cambre School in Belgium, the artist broke free from the strict confines of the art world to have some fun in the ever changing world of fashion. Marguerite finds inspiration in everything that brings joy; whether life, music, or nature. The unique and graceful portrayal of these colorful characters is part of the G. Kero brand signature. The bohemian artist usually paints her collections in friend’s homes and willingly shares stories of the inspirations and beginnings of G. Kero.


Her designs are free and wild, often bursting with shades of turquoise blue. Painting on fabric gives these drawings a sense of unique depth and beauty. Her brush strokes are poetic and incredibly expressive. This accurate light-heartedness makes every G. Kero creation a unique technicolor fashion statement that goes beyond a simple printed garment; a true artistic expression that conveys freedom and inspiration to live a daring and spontaneous life.

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