Baby Alpaga - Bedside cabinet

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From the very day of his birth, Baby Alpaga is already endowed with long, silky fleece. The only thing he asks for is to snuggle up against a sofa or to sit at your bedside...

His elegant coat gives him the appearance of a miniature standing boudoir, behind which objects and secrets can be discreetly sheltered.

The alter ego of intimacy, he reveals his mysteries only to those who have tamed him…

  • Material : HPL and viscose
  • Colored harmony of the fringes : Gold, Electric Blue, Sparkling Green, Deep Purple
  • Dimensions : H.72 x L.66 x W.27 cm / H.28.35in. x L.16in. x W. 10.63in.
  • Weight : 10 kgs / 23lb
  • Made in France
  • Indoor use


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