Brought to life by three unbridled minds; Benoît Convers, Rachel Convers and Carine Jannin, Ibride has become the emblem of a sensitive and instinctive design, born by living and moving objects. For almost 20 years now, enigmatic bestiaries and dreamlike creations have been nattering away in our interiors, joining in our conversations, and investing themselves in our homes. It is an encounter with an independent workshop of creation. Since its creation in a territory with no limits, Ibride has elaborated on animated multi-functional objects, which have taken the design world by storm and established a new typology of the genre. Free to write its own mythology and to tell its cher­ished stories, Ibride lets us in on its vision of the world, and shares its ideas and designs by establishing a portrait gallery, which comes together within interiors. Ibride is also an ethical manufacturer, responsible for its works, thus assuring a quality specific to every collection. Favoring that their products are made in France and blending traditional knowledge with latest production techniques, they offer a plethora of ideas, that gives life to every creation while completely fashioned in keeping with the image of the brand. The Ibride brand, with its multitude of amazing characters, is unique in the language of design.


An Ibride creation, the “Mobilier de Compagnie” strikes a balance and brings life to the meeting of nature and art. This collection fills interiors with commanding presence while conserving the primary and essential practicality of the furniture itself.

For more information on lbride and their products please visit the website: http://www.ibride.fr/mobilier-de-compagnie/