Image republic

Image Republic likes… Images which are different, strong and which communicate… which celebrate a certain era, instant, or make you think, smile, or remember…Image Republic loves… pop culture icons, high-profile personalities, cult objects and labels, creative advertising, legendary TV series, emotional moments, some public demonstrations… A little of all of these makes up our collection, which illustrates our passion better than words and defines the spirit of Image Republic*. This professional print series has been created with great care.

Image Republic* guarantees a high quality print, respecting the orginal design. We use a fine art printing process. The paper used is Tintoretto art paper 300 grams. It delivers high end prints with deep darks with striking contrasts; pure and bright whites; clean, natural and sustainable colours. The material used is made in part from conservation board and fine art board.

Certificate of authenticity. At the back of each print is a certificate of authenticity from Image Republic.

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