Michelle Carlslund


Michelle Carlslund founded her company five years ago while she was still studying graphic design. In 2013, she started to work full-time as a poster maker and illustrator, and now her posters, cards, notebooks and tote bags can be bought in over two hundred design shops around the world. Michelle’s illustrative universe is inhabited by strong men, eclectic cityscapes, playful puns, cheeky tigers and honey-loving bears. She wants to create works that are playful, warm and nostalgic.




The majority of Michelle’s posters is printed on a sustainable stone paper. Stone paper is made of limestone and oil-based non-toxic binder called HDPE. The production of stone paper releases half as much carbon dioxide as conventional paper.












Michelle is always busy doing something new, also commissioned works. This year she has, for
example, designed mini poster collections for French magazine émoi émoi. Lately, she’s been working on creating a character for a new mall in a suburb of Copenhagen – “a very commercial and different commission for me”, she says. No matter what the project, Michelle follows her motto, “One of my bestselling posters has the text ‘Don’t forget to kiss’. That is more of a life motto. It is a reminder to have fun and not to take everything – including myself – too seriously.”


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