Birdcage Pendant Light

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Designed in France by Mathieu Challières, the Volière Pendant Lamp showcases a magical aviary-inspired piece of art, perfect for accenting any home with a vibrant menagerie of colour.

Handmade in a Parisian atelier, this elegant and whimsical pendant has been individually crafted by hand with delicate copper wire, while precious decorative birds, made with real hand-dyed goose feathers, perch on the bars of its shade. 

With influences ranging from the baroque to the contemporary, Mathieu Challières has created a light that references vintage opulence and contemporary style simultaneously.

Each La Volière Pendant Lamp is completely unique and would make an enchanting addition to any home. Please note that due to handcrafting, the positioning of the birds and colours may vary slightly.

  • Decorative birds crafted from real hand-dyed goose feathers
  • Each is completely unique; the positioning and colour of the birds may vary
  • Dimensions 25" diameter x 12"


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